HumViewer - Viewer of Humminbird sonar recording files

The HumViewer is a program that can be used to view sonar recordings created on a Humminbird sonar (Side-imaging or Quadrabeam).
Versions available for both Windows and MAC
The current version is 86 (Release date 10-04-13 08:00)


The main features of the program is:


Installation on Windows


To install the program, just run the HumViewer setup file and follow the steps.
A program group and a desktop icon will be created for you.

Installation on MAC

To install the program, download the HumViewer for MAC application package and save it on your computer.

Should you for any reason need to download an older version then click here

Test recording

If you want to try the program but don't have any recordings, you can download one here. It is a self-extracting zip file containing a short example recording.

NMEA out on socket

It is possible to configure HumViewer to send out NMEA messages on a TCP/IP connection (Choose 'Settings'->'NMEA setting' in HumViewer). The TCP/IP connection can be connected to a virtual TCP/IP-to-serial bridge and thereby feed into a NMEA enabled application (e.g. DrDepth).
Make sure the TCP/IP-to-serial bridge is operating as server (on TCP/IP side), and use same port as configured in HumViewer.
Note that firewall setting can prevent HumViewer in connecting.

The following program can be used to create the TCP/IP-to-serial bridge (I installed it as standalone):
Free Virtual Serial Port to connect any TCP/IP Terminal server to your Windows as a virtual serial port (e.g. COM 7). Produced by

Error reporting

Please report any issues, comments or requests here.
That will also be the place that new releases will be announced (and here of cause).

The Humminbird Side Imaging Forum is a great forum where you can get a lot of knowledge about the Humminbird sonars. And if you have a problem with your Humminbird sonar, that is the place to request help.

Change Log

Version 86 (Release date 10-04-13 08:00)
-NEW FEATURE: Possible to send out nmea messages on socket connection (to TCP->Serial bridge). See 
-Fixed a couple of issues with sub-recordings (exported to wrong tracks, and wrong length)

Version 81 (Release date 08-04-13 21:28)
-Added support for recordings made with new Humminbird firmware 6.600
-Added possibility to hide GPS position data when making movies and snapshots
-Added support for showing boat position dynamically in google earth when scrolling in HumViewer
-Changed the way google earth is opened, so it is no longer required to know installation directory
-Changed directory handling so it can now run on MAC

Version 67 (Release date 23-02-10 17:42)
-Installation of HumViewer program now done via setup.exe. Uninstall included.
-Desktop shortcut and Program group is created by setup.
-First (temp) version of icon and splash.bmp included.
-Version numbering changed to use versioning commit number

-Position offset (boat and towfish) can be configured
-Configure units to show for speed, depth and position
-Bugfix: Gridline in zoom window was not positioned correctly
-Bugfix: If opening a new record after being in Quadrabeam mode, the menu stated the program was still in Quadrabeam mode but actually 
 it was in SI mode.
-Bugfix: Waypoints and tracks was not always shown in track windows (was out of the range of the window).
-Recording start time added to title bar.
-Time added to left side details information.
-Bugfix: Lat/lon and depth shown in 'Enter waypoint name' dialog was wrong.
-Bugfix: In very large recordings, position info in status field stopped working.

Version 3.031 (Release date 22/06-2009)
-Bugfix: One recording file did not hold the same number of seconds of recording as the other and 
 caused the program to behave strange.
-Copy position at mouse to clipboard. Function is under 'Utilities' view.
-Waypoints are now created at mouse pointer if created on SI view, i.e. the position is corregated for distance/bearing.
-Position shown in buttom status text is now corregated for distance/bearing
-Crop to depth now have a 'Depth' option that will crop the sonar image to 120% of the max. depth.
-Possibility to create User track. Function is under 'Utilities' view.
-Save settings, waypoints and usertracks in .xml file (one file per recording)
-Save current settings as default
-Make sub-recording between two marks. Function is under 'Utilities' view.
-Increased max. play speed to 20x - will not always run with steady speed, depends on computer speed.
-Use log4j as logsystem
-Select between modes; SI mode, Quadrabeam mode
-Export to CSV is now in the format  ,  ,  ,  ,  , 
-Export to .kml now contains depth in track data
-Waypoints and usertracks are now shown on 2DTrack window
-Zoom windom. Function is under 'Utilities' view.
-Control by keys: g=Grid on/off, w=Waypoint on/off, p=Play on/off, b=Play backward on/off. Scrool recording by Left/Right keys and by mouse-wheel
-Bugfix: Color model editor is changes to be working with screen resolutions from 1024x768.

Version 2.023 (Release date 31/05-2009)
- Bugfix: Export of track data to .csv was not correct. 

Version 2.022 (Release date 30/05-2009)
- Bugfix so program can be used with screen resolution down to 1024x768. The radio buttons for selecting
  layout is replaced with a drop-down box. The scrollbar for moving back and forward in the recording is
  made smaller is screen resolution is lower.

Version 2.021 (Release date 30/05-2009)
Note a few things have been changed in the way they worked compared in earlier releases. 
The most importation changed functionality is probably that the create waypoint function is moved from 
mouse right-click pop-up menu to the 'Utilities' view (Press the Utilities button in the upper right corner
and select 'Create waypoints').

IMPORTANT ! If you have created your own color models, then please export them before upgrading. The color models
can be imported after the upgrade.

IMPORTANT ! You must extract all files from .zip file to make this release work

Full change log:
- Color Model Editor bugfixes and improvements.
- Now all channels are loaded, if e.g. there is two 2D channels recording then both are loaded. File name to type
  is configured in HumViewer.xml
- Time field changed to spinners so it is faster to go to a specific time in a recording
- Jump to waypoint from waypoint dialog
- Apply button in image panel removed. Now setting are applied immediately
- Crop checkbox in image panel removed. Instead max depth is included in list of 'crop to depths'.
- When loading a .dat for a snapshot, the position that the snapshot was taken is now shown in the dialog.
- Split pane can now be moved to the sides to let one side be larger than the other.
- Added posibility to have sonar images top/bottom or 3-windows view.
- BugFix: When exporting data to .gpx file, the depth was off by a factor 10.
- Bugfix: Depth change finder utility did not use correct range calculation.
- Added option to save track as .csv file for importing data into e.g. Dr.Depth.
- Created measurement tool to measure distance. Is found under 'Utilities' view.
- Created measurement tool to estimate height Is found under 'Utilities' view.
- Created waypoint is moved from mouse right-click pop-up menu to 'Utilities' view.
- Bugfix: When cropping image from 5, 15, 25 meter the unit stated 4, 14, 24.
- 'Depth change' finder is moved from control panel to 'Utilities' view
- Create new recording as part of original recording
- Print snapshot of recording
- Save snapshot of recording
- Make 'movie' from recording
- Make track plot map

Version 1.002 (Release date 21/05-2009)
- Can now handle any size of recording.
- Calculation of Latitude/Longitude is now correct.
- Load new files faster and images are updated faster.
- Waypoints can be created by right-clicking on a sonar image.
- Waypoints and track can be viewed in Google Earth.
- Waypoints and track can be exported to .kml or .gpx format.
- Recordings done with older firmware (e.g. 3.940) can be viewed.
- Added a Color Model editor so user can make custom color models
- Viewer can 'play' recordings.
- Sonar images can be cropped.

Version 0.001 (First beta)
- Basic viewer
- First version
- Fixed color models
- Could only handle smaller recording files

Old versions

Windows versions

Download version 81
Download version 67

MAC versions

None yet

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